«Les Délices de MADY», a control of a whole chain: from the producer to the consumer

Created in Dordogne in 2002, by Christian PINEAUD, «Les Délices de MADY» produces and markets today a vast range of fresh red fruits (strawberries, berries …) and processed.

The production of strawberries is implanted in the Périgord for decades, the soil and sunniness being particularly adapted.
Our local production of fresh fruit, offers a vast and abundant offer from mid-March to November. Our strawberries from DORDOGNE are subjected to a strict quality charter throughout the cultivation and to a systematic control until its delivery.

«Les Délices de MADY» is committed to sustainable development.Quality, food safety and respect for the environment and for men are at the heart of our daily concerns .

The Engagements

• Valorize taste, offer tasty fruit to consumers

• Respect the environment and food safety through the practice of reasoned production

• Act for Sustainable Development

Production and transformation

• The packaging :

• Plastic film or lid tray: 250 g or 500 g
• Carton tray: 250 g or 500 g
• Baskets wood: 1 kg
{ Systematic rapid cooling before shipment }.

• Production :

With a local production area in the Périgord and strong partnerships thanks to its groupings of 7 producers, « Les Délices de MADY » offers its delicious red fruits and berries: strawberries, raspberries, currants, blackberries, blueberries…

It is always better to make picking in the cool of the early morning, while the fruit is still firm and full of flavor. Strawberry picking is done every day.

Picked by hand by seasonal workers, sold and delivered the day after picking, the Strawberry of Délices de MADY is synonymous with freshness and quality. They will supply your stores and retail markets from April to November.
You will find a vast choice of strawberry varieties such as the Mara des Bois, the Charlotte, the Gariguette, the Cléry, the Mariguette, or the Cirafine.


The strawberries are harvested at maturity, we pinch the tail to cut it, we don’t touch the fruit, it is place in its tray. A person harvests 10 to 12 kg per hour.

The strawberries are conditioned on the spot and are not subjected to any other manipulation.


We produce our strawberries according two production methods:

– in the field, adapted to early strawberries (gariguette, cléry, darselect…)
– in crops, suspended under tunnels, adapted to summer varieties (which favors no treatment and integrated pest management)

• Transformation :

Our strawberries, harvested at optimum maturity, are rinsed, cooked, and transformed into compote, coulis, velvety and homemade jams with a delicately balanced taste.

Our products are sold in delicatessen, small/medium GMS and in«La Boutique de Mady» located in Créavallée Nord – 24660 Coulounieix-Chamiers. Phone: 05 53 53 75 15.